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Our Story


It was around mid 2008 when our love for soy milk was sparked again, we were in Singapore at the time and one of our friends took us to the Hawker Food Centre in Chinatown. He bought us some soy milk of all things. It was pretty random at the time, because as far as we could remember, the last time we had any soy milk was back in our primary school days! But it was very humid during that time, so it turned out to be a good choice – the drink was cold, smooth and tasted just right.

Since then, we traveled to Singapore many times and other countries as well, where we found some more ‘favorites,’ including two popular snacks from Japan – takoyaki and taiyaki! If you’ve had the chance to try these then you know why we love them!

When back in Saigon we always found ourselves craving for our favorite food but it was pretty hard to find what we wanted with the same quality and fresh ingredients here – so we thought to ourselves why not bring it here? This simple idea became the motivation behind starting The Bean Store.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our humble shop here in Saigon.